Starting Over from Scratch

I guess I’ve always had a dream of starting from nothing and then becoming wealthy and successful by building my own business. In my mind that’s the real American Dream, and that’s been my goal, at least subconsciously. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your perspective, I’m now poised to do exactly that.

Recipe: Sweet & Savory Spinach Salad

I think this is one of the few salads that Rachel and I both really like. The combination of both sweet and savory elements is simply divine.


Taking the Plunge for Real: I Quit my Job

I have been talking about becoming an entrepreneur for so long, that the idea became more of a myth to me than an actual plan. Working for myself was always something I intended to do, but later. I became stuck in analysis paralysis, always studying for when I finally made my move, but never putting any real plans into action or setting goals with dates. In short, I never pushed through the fear and fully committed to my dream of moving from an employee to an owner. Until last week.

So many things came together at the same time that I could no longer ignore the path opening before me.

The Trouble with Luck and Breaking the Wealth Code Reading Exercises

So last Friday was our company Christmas party (excuse me, I mean holiday party), and I didn’t end up with any of the door prizes. That didn’t surprise me—par for the course. No big deal. But all this week they’ve been drawing employees for various “gifts” that are given to the company. (Employees aren’t personally allowed to accept gifts from other companies or vendors, so the gifts are randomly doled out.) No dice. It’s not a big deal—I don’t need the stuff they’re giving out, in fact I wouldn’t even want some of it, but the notification 5 times a day of other people “winning” the random drawings has started to grate on my nerves. I hate random! I like things where I can affect the outcome, but rigging the drawings didn’t seem like a good (or feasible) idea.

Then I got an email that instead of announcing the prizes and winners, said that there were a number of items left around from various events/promotions/whatever that the company wanted to get rid of. Being a fairly avid thrifter (Hey, it’s a great way to stretch a dollar!), I went to take a look. In only 15 minutes the items had already been pretty well picked over, but I found a wealth book that looked interesting, took it back to my desk, and went about the rest of my day (deleting further losing prize notifications as they showed up).

Let's Get This Entrepreneurship Party Started (Again)

Over the past 15 years or so, I’ve dreamed of starting my own business–something to make the world a better place and provide enough income so that I could easily provide for my now large family (Rachel and I have 9 children, with our 10th due the day before Thanksgiving). I’ve read more books on the subject than I can remember anymore, and even taken a few stabs at starting something, but I’ve never really managed to follow through and make it work.