And the New 30 Day Challenges Are...

In July I started my first 30 day challenge in a long time:

  • On July 22 I made a resolve to take a video game “fast” for a month. The amount I was playing had been creeping up to the point where I played at least a little most every day. I thought this would be a good chance to work on my willpower, which has been somewhat lacking. I successfully completed this challenge.

In August, I started 2 more challenges, even while the first one was still underway (which may not have been the best idea):

Getting Started, Yet Again

One week ago, I finally got tired of myself. Again.

I can’t begin to count the number of times I’ve decided to “get healthy”. I’ve studied and dabbled with many of the (somewhat sane) diet plans around (though I guess I’ve never really made it past a few days with juice fasts and the like) and various forms of exercise. I work at it for a while, see some results, then go back to what I was doing before. It just never seems to really stick.

I don’t know what prompted the need for a change this time around (though it might be the 3 enormous mirrors in our new master bathroom), but just over a week ago, I got fed up with the direction I was moving (or not moving) in, and decided it was time to make a change.

The Purpose and Value of Weeds

Ever since we’ve moved into our current rental house (3 years ago), it hasn’t had a front yard. Neither I nor the landlord (a friend of ours) has wanted to pay to put grass in, and I made peace with that.

For the first year or two, I’d just pay one of my older boys to remove the weeds when they got out of hand. But last year we got some heavy spring rains and the whole yard turned green with weeds. My second son and I agreed to a price for clearing them, and I left the method of removal to him, so long as it was physical and not chemical.

Recipe: Taco Sauce

Most of the kids at my house love to douse every Mexican meal with taco sauce, but at $2.50 and up for a 7 ounce bottle, I just couldn’t keep us supplied. A little googling uncovered a few recipes for inspiration, and this is what I settled on. It makes about a quart, which lasts us two weeks or so.


Mourning the Loss of a Friend I No Longer Knew

Jamie Hastings died last Thursday. I don’t know any of the particulars, other than what was in the obituary (attached below).

I first heard about it late Tuesday night, and at first it didn’t bother me much. We hadn’t had any contact in 20 years. But on Wednesday, I found myself in a lot of pain and pondering on the frailty of life and the amount of wasted potential in the world.

The funeral is taking place now, but I live in Arizona and am not able to attend. I still want to do something, though.