Recipe: Sweet Sriracha Chicken Chili (aka Sucker Punch)

Sriracha Hot Sauce

I’m finally going to record this award-winning chili recipe, though mostly because I tend to forget how to make it between the infrequent (and informal) contests I participate in. Besides, I doubt anybody would ever compete with me with my own recipe, since the level of effort is so high. And if they did, I’d switch tactics. Again.


Recipe: Enchilada Sauce (Chili Gravy)

homemade enchilada sauce

I’m a big fan of enchiladas, but none of the canned sauces I’ve tried came anywhere close to what I can get in local restaurants. When I researched how to make my own, I learned that enchilada sauce isn’t really native to Mexico, it’s Tex-Mex. It’s what happens when you take Southern-style gravy and add chili powder to it. It’s chili gravy!


Recipe: Taco Sauce

Most of the kids at my house love to douse every Mexican meal with taco sauce, but at $2.50 and up for a 7 ounce bottle, I just couldn’t keep us supplied. A little googling uncovered a few recipes for inspiration, and this is what I settled on. It makes about a quart, which lasts us two weeks or so.


Recipe: Sweet & Savory Spinach Salad

I think this is one of the few salads that Rachel and I both really like. The combination of both sweet and savory elements is simply divine.


Recipe: Chimichurri

Chimichurri is a marinade and/or sauce for beef, originally from Argentina, although I’m sure my recipe is not authentic. I actually made this a couple months back, but never got around to posting the recipe. Luckily, I saved the scrap of paper that I made up the recipe on, since it was a distillation of what I liked about a number of recipes. You can use it to marinade steaks (or other meat) or serve it at the table as a condiment.