And the New 30 Day Challenges Are...

In July I started my first 30 day challenge in a long time:

  • On July 22 I made a resolve to take a video game “fast” for a month. The amount I was playing had been creeping up to the point where I played at least a little most every day. I thought this would be a good chance to work on my willpower, which has been somewhat lacking. I successfully completed this challenge.

In August, I started 2 more challenges, even while the first one was still underway (which may not have been the best idea):

The Purpose and Value of Weeds

Ever since we’ve moved into our current rental house (3 years ago), it hasn’t had a front yard. Neither I nor the landlord (a friend of ours) has wanted to pay to put grass in, and I made peace with that.

For the first year or two, I’d just pay one of my older boys to remove the weeds when they got out of hand. But last year we got some heavy spring rains and the whole yard turned green with weeds. My second son and I agreed to a price for clearing them, and I left the method of removal to him, so long as it was physical and not chemical.