making due

You Don't Need a New Gadget to Get the Job Done

All week I’ve been telling myself that my project for this weekend was to get the newsletter sign-up for up and working. Since deciding that I actually want to monetize that site (officially, The Thomas Jefferson Education Consortium), I’ve been mentally stuck at square one.

So I got up this morning, excited to get started, and my wife asked me to go to the store to get a few things that she needed for my daughter’s birthday party. That seems to just be the way that Saturdays go. Its not my wife’s fault, its not the kids’ fault, its not even my fault—it’s just the way things manage to turn out, especially when you’re trying to pull away from the status quo.

While I was getting ready to go out, it occurred to me that I could make better use of my driving time if I had the digital voice recorder we’ve been planning to buy (for recording speeches that Rachel and I give). I toyed with the idea of going to Radio Shack to see if they carry a decent one, since I’ve not been impressed with what they stock at Wal-Mart, but I also realized that I work only a few miles away from Fry’s Electronics, and that would be a much better place to do my comparison shopping. So I was stuck between buying something I wouldn’t be happy with at Radio Shack so that I could use it today, when I needed it, or waiting until next week to get something that will better serve my needs, but waste my time today. Oh what a conundrum.