Goodbye, Grandma

Me and Grandma

Grandma, I’m so very sorry you’re gone. But not for you. For me.

You’re now at peace, in the company of Grandpa and your family gone before you.

But now you’re out of my life—at least for now—and I’m left with just the stories you told me and the lessons you taught. Only now, I realize how much those memories have faded over the many years, since I was a child, helping in your garden.

The truth is: I’ve been missing you for years. But today, I realize just how much.

Mourning the Loss of a Friend I No Longer Knew

Jamie Hastings died last Thursday. I don’t know any of the particulars, other than what was in the obituary (attached below).

I first heard about it late Tuesday night, and at first it didn’t bother me much. We hadn’t had any contact in 20 years. But on Wednesday, I found myself in a lot of pain and pondering on the frailty of life and the amount of wasted potential in the world.

The funeral is taking place now, but I live in Arizona and am not able to attend. I still want to do something, though.