The Role of Diet and Exercise Choices on Personal Productivity

One of the topics I want to write about on a regular basis is diet and exercise, mostly because I struggle with it a lot. One of my biggest hurdles in building a business is having the energy and focus to do all the work required. There are a number of things that go into that, but today I just want to focus on what I eat and whether I’m getting enough (or any) exercise.

I’m almost scared to post again, even though I set a goal to write daily. I got a huge amount of responses on Facebook yesterday, but I’m worried that a lot of the posters thought my blog entry was just a status update, and so didn’t read the whole post, which would have left a very negative impression without the ending paragraphs. Ah, the dangers of a socially networked world, but here we go anyway.

Since I’m steadfastly refusing to run or even walk (any more) on the icy county roads where I live, where the pickups hurtle by at 50 miles per hour, my exercise for the next few days will have to continue to consist of chopping wood and moving boxes and furniture into the moving truck. I’m okay with that. Once we’re back in Arizona next week, I’ll have to start up again with something more rigorous.

My diet I have a little more control over. Since virtually thumbing through The Full Plate Diet on Thursday (meaning I used the Amazon “look inside” feature and kept clicking the “surprise me” link), I’ve been trying to cut down on my starches and increase my intake of vegetables and fruit. Not surprisingly, I’ve felt better and had more consistent energy.

I guess that since income became so scarce in the past 6 months, our dietary choices kind of slid to the cheapest-stuff-that-fills-everybody-up-enough-to-quit-complaining-about-hunger end of the spectrum. In other words, we started eating a lot of cheap starches: potatoes (this is Idaho), rice, pasta, ramen noodles and sugary, homemade baked goods. Now as part of my eating habit changes, I have a sugar addiction to kick (again). At least it’s not caffeine. Happily I haven’t given back in to the cola cravings for the past few years.

I guess it’s all about the baby steps. I may not be doing well yet, but at least I’m doing better than I was 5 years ago, and that’s a start. If I can keep up with the better eating and add regular exercise as well, I might just wind up with the energy I need. I’ll keep you posted.

Have you had problems with keeping your energy up? Better yet, did you figure out how to fix it? I’d love to hear about it.