Persuasion Videos to Die For

Recently I’ve been watching the weekly webinars put on by OneCoach. They’ve been quite good, though mostly the same material is presented each week, regardless of the title subject. That’s fine, since it tends to take me quite a few repeats to really knock an idea into my skull, so it’s been worth my time. I may even have to take them up on that free business growth assessment.

But the one thing that really caught my attention and rang true with my opinions and experience is the idea that the single-page, twenty-screens-long sales page is dead, or at least not nearly as effective as it once was. I was glad to hear this, since they annoy the bejeebies out of me as a customer, and I hate writing them as a marketer. Don’t get me wrong, sales copy is still very necessary, I just don’t like to have to read it for half-an-hour.

So it now seems that most netizens have figured out that even after they’re hooked with a great title and subtitle, they can just scroll to the bottom of the page to see what the sales price is. Of course, the problem with this is that they then make a decision based solely on price, without getting the value proposition from the sales letter. In plain English, people find your site because you have what they want and need, but they don’t end up buying because the price seems too high, but the price is only too high because they haven’t read the sales copy which shows them why your product or service is really worth that much. In other words, it’s a problem with short attention spans.

So what is an online purveyor of goods supposed to do?! I’m glad you asked. It seems that the most simplest and most effective way to educate your prospective customer, since they won’t read your sales letters any more, is to show them a 3 to 5 minute video, and then ask them to take the next step. (You’d better already know what it is you want your customer to do when they come to this page, because everything in the video and on the page should lead them to take that action.) At least that’s OneCoach’s premise, and although I haven’t tried it yet, I tend to agree with the thought process.

A couple of examples of this strategy:

  • OneCoach’s front page – I’m actually impressed to see a company taking its own advice. I assume it must be working.
  • i-Grasshopper’s front page – Another of John Assaraf’s ideas/projects/businesses, offering transformational iPhone apps. I don’t know anything about the products, but I love the execution of this site.


Okay, so I’m sold on this idea, and I want to start creating “video sales letters” on my upcoming projects. Of course, I need to create really compelling videos to get possible customers to take action, so I’ve been keeping my eyes open, and privately critiquing persuasive videos. Assaraf’s videos for OneCoach and i-Grasshopper do well enough, but I wondered if it could be done even better. Evidently it can, because I found a few examples.

First, a few acquaintances of mine have recently got involved with the Transformation Challenges at, and I’ve been inspired by their progress and enthusiasm. So I was clicking around the site, checking things out, but the real impact was right there on the front page. There’s a slide show of before-and-after pictures of the winners of recent challenges, but if you click on the “watch his/her story now” buttons, they have an incredible 8 to 10 minute video, detailing the transformation of the individual. They’re incredible! Full HD mini-features, that really got me inspired to make some changes of my own. These guys really know how to make inspirational videos.

Second, I ran into an MBA program I hadn’t heard of before at a school called Acton. Since I’m currently planning on going back to college for an MBA, the program caught my interest. So like Bill Phillips’ Transformation site, I was squarely in the target market, and they marketed to me extremely effectively. The front page also has a slide show linked to a set of “sales” videos for the program. Once again, I was blown away. I was ready to sign up for their ridiculously intense one-year, 100-hour-a-week program, even though I’m in my late thirties, have a family to support and a business to run, and I’d have to relocate to Austin, Texas. I eventually came to my senses, but wow, those videos did their job!

So now I have a (hopefully more effective) new marketing technique I want to use (video sales letter), and I know what an effective persuasion video looks like, but I don’t know where to start to create one. In a previous life I would have tried to figure out how to shoot and edit video and would have attempted the whole thing myself, but I’m trying really hard any more to break those thought patterns. Doing everything myself is not how I’m going to have maximum impact or become truly prosperous. There’s not enough time, and I’ll never be good enough at everything. I need a videographer. Anybody know any good ones in Idaho Falls or Rexburg?

I’m also really curious about your reactions to the videos I linked to. Sound off in the comments and let us all know what you thought.