Is This Failure Or a New Beginning?

So, I’ve decided to seek full-time employment, back in Arizona. I’m trying to decide if that means I’ve failed at what I attempted. Certainly I haven’t (yet) built a business that comfortably supports my family and allows me to live anywhere I wish, and that was the goal I had when I moved back to Idaho. But plans change—mine certainly do—and that’s no longer my goal. So do I need to worry about achieving it?

In fact, I have one job prospect that I’m reasonably excited about. I would be opening a new office in Phoenix for a Drupal shop out of San Diego. Oh, the experience that would bring with it! And the pay would be great, which would allow me to retire some old debts that have been hanging over my head since the Phoenix real estate market went South, which would actually lower how much income I need to provide for my family. To top it off, I think I’d really enjoy the work.

On the other hand, going into startup mode in someone else’s company just feels a little bit wrong. Why aren’t I starting (or working on) my own company? Am I selling out for security and a paycheck? Do I just not have what it takes?

Fortunately, I’m actually at peace with the decision to take a job again. For anyone who’s read The Jackrabbit Factor, I’m stepping back on the path for a while, to pick up a triple-decker peanut butter sandwich, because it gives me the strength to continue pursuing what I ultimately want. I need the income and stability that a “regular” job gives to continue working on my goals, even if I can only work on those goals in my off hours now.

Please feel free to chime in with your own opinion. I’m curious to see how others view this decision.